Uniform Guidelines

Boys – Grades K‐4: Navy blue slacks or shorts with light blue shirts with a collar

Girls – Grades K‐4: A plaid jumper from Lands End or navy blue slacks or shorts with a white shirt with a collar

Boys – Grades 5‐8: Khaki slacks or shorts with navy blue shirts with a collar

Girls – Grades 5‐8: Plaid skort with knit shorts sewn inside or khaki slacks or shorts with navy blue shirts with a collar

Shorts may only be worn from May 1st until November 1st.

Our uniform supplier is Lands End. You can access all approved uniform items at this site: Scroll down on the left side to “Find your school,” and then either enter the school name or our #900147786 and then click on girls, boys, etc. 


We have partnered with Lands End for several reasons:

1. Lands End offers a quality, durable product at a reasonable price.

2. Lands End offers a girls’ skort with shorts sewn in so that we will no longer have a problem with shorts hanging out from underneath the skirts or a concern with modesty.

3. The company will offer white and navy banded bottom shirts which will lessen uniform violations for untucked shirts and a sloppy appearance.

4. Lands End often runs discounts on their uniform items at various times during the year and at times offers free shipping.

5. There is no charge for shipping if the item is ordered at a Sears store.

6. Some uniform items are available at Sears stores.

7. Any order that is not correct may be returned to a Sears store or if mail ordered, returned to Lands End at no additional charge.

8. Lands End will offer the school a rebate of 1% on all orders.

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