Alumni Spotlight

Elizabeth (Kanter) Bartz

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Welcome to the Alumni Spotlight! This space is dedicated to shining a light on our illustrious alumni and their accomplishments. In this edition, we’re honoring Elizabeth Kanter Bartz.

Elizabeth grew up in Villa Hills and attended St. Joe's from 1987 - 1995.  She was an excellent student, excelling in math and science.

Next, Elizabeth attended Notre Dame Academy, where she was an honors student and member of the Science Club and involved in the theater program.

 After graduating from NDA in 1999, Elizabeth attended Vanderbilt University, she majored in Biomedical Engineering and Math.  During her time there, she was a member of the Vanderbilt Dance Team, Alpha Chi Omega and won an engineering design competition.  She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in 2003.  She went on to attend the University of Arizona to get her master degree in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on developing optical coherence tomography to diagnos ovaian cancer in a rat model.  In 2008, she graduated from Vanderbilt University with a PHD, her thesis was titled "Characterization of the Human Cervix using Raman Spectroscopy.  

Elizabeth decided to change research adventures after graduation from Vanderbilt and spent several years researching the effect of concussions on congitive funtion in retired professional athletes.  

Elizabeth is very thankful that the teachers at St. Joseph School instilled a love of science and math that allowed her to succeed.

Currently, Elizabeth lives in Southlake, Texas, with her husband and two children.  She has taken a break from the world of engineering to stay home with her 2 and 4 year old..

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