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Fundraising Opportunities

Simple Ways to Help Our School

Please consider helping St. Joseph School in the following ways:

Box Tops – On General Mills products, such as cereal boxes, Goldfish, tissue boxes, Pillsbury products, etc. there are small red labels that say “Box Tops for Education.”  Cut these out and send them into the school; we receive cash for these and use them to buy educational resources. 

Tyson A+ Labels – These on every product that Tyson produces.  Please cut out the entire section where the A+ insignia is printed.  We can turn these in to receive money for the school.

Campbell’s  Labels – Most of their products contain a picture of the Campbell Kid with the passage Labels for Education.  Cut these out and send them in; we purchase playground equipment with them.

Remke’s –  You may pick up a gift card from the school or parish office which is already linked to us.  When you go to the store, either stop by the Customer Service Desk or ask the cashier before he/she starts your order to load an amount on your card.  You may pay for the “loaded funds” with cash/debit/credit card.   We will receive 4% as you continue to load the gift card.

Kroger’s – If you have not linked your Kroger Plus Card to our school, please go to  Please have your Kroger Plus Card available because you will need it to register.  When it asks for your 12 digit number, this includes the small “2” or “4” that is in the front and behind the large numbers.  It you do not have a Kroger Plus Card; you can pick one up at the service counter.  Click on the prompt “Get Started, Sign Up Today.”  You will need to enter information such as an email address, favorite store, a password, and then agree to the terms and conditions.  After you complete the information, you will receive a message to check your email and click on a link to confirm your registration.  Eventually you will log in and then will have the ability to click on “Community Rewards.”  You will then be able to select the non-profit to which you wish your rewards to be credited.   Our code is 80177.  Please be sure it says St. Joseph, Crescent Springs.


Gift Certificate Program – You may purchase gift certificates to many different establishments by completing an order form that is available at the parish or school office, or on our website  under "Parents" - Additional Forms.


Empty Ink Cartridges –We accept empty printer ink cartridges, and turn them in for Staples credit.  This helps in paying for ink for our school printers.

Pop Tabs – We collect these and give them to Children’s Hospital.  They cash them in and use the income to help support the Ronald McDonald House.

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